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Chinese zodiac tattoos by xxDistortion Chinese zodiac tattoos by xxDistortion
I've always loved Chinese calligraphy, And since i know they are popular tattoo's I wanted to get some practice at them. I'll submit a few ever week.

Since I love reading about meanings, here are the meaning's for each zodiac.

The year of the Rat: is symbolic of opportunity and good prospects. Business in general is forecast as being good although it is possible that bleak years will follow. However anything that began in the year of the Rat should in theory be successful.

The year of the Ox: is one in which success will escape without a sustained, mindful effort. The sort of problems that are encountered in the year of the Ox tend to be home front problems that seem to be never ending. The Ox year needs discipline and it is not the time for unruly behavior or taking short cuts. In this year success is achieved solely through hard work.

The year of the Tiger: is a very likely to be a volatile year, everything is taken to its limit in this big and bold year. It can also be a year of war, disasters and all kinds of disputes, it is a year for massive change but this can also bring out the best.

The year of the Rabbit: is in sharp contrast to the explosive year of the tiger. It is a year of placidity and respite where little will be set in stone; a carefree happy year that will be both temperate and relaxed.

The year of the Dragon: is one that brings happiness and good fortune. It is one of the most positive and strongest of all of the twelve star signs. During the year of the Dragon their will be violent acts of nature, with an electrifying ambiance and things coming in waves. For those considering marriage or starting a new venture or business it is an favorable year.

The year of the Snake: is a somewhat changeable year, filled with preparation, contemplation and much reflection. Often breakthroughs are made but achieved in silence. Generally the Snake year is not a calm year, possibly a year of sharp dealings, turmoil and even war if differences cannot be resolved. To sum up: the year of the snake is the strongest most negative force of all of the signs.

The year of the Horse: is a time for progress, it is a very happy-go-lucky, frantic and wild year that is both adventurous and satisfying. There will be an upward turn to the year with a deal of good humor. It is a year for going it alone, perhaps with some shocks in store but on the whole a courageous and daring year.

The year of the Sheep/ Goat: is one that will be a time for caring, bringing out creative talent, imagination and emotion, whilst remaining, calm, smooth and slow. "Harmony with moderation" are the key words with a warning about the danger of negativity.

The year of the Monkey: is one where absolutely anything and everything is possible, a year when things that appear impossible will succeed. With all of this success around no-one will know what they are doing. A haggling and shamming it year full of luck and one where no-one will accept no for answer.

The year of the Rooster: is one of a huge dissipation of energy, with only a precarious balance, which can often lead to arguments. It is a cautious year where no-one wants to listen to anyone else resulting in many disagreements and "frayed nerves". However no-one will undergo too much hardship.

The year of the Dog: is a year for reflection and to assess ones values. There will be disturbances, revolts, but as the Dog is always on the lookout, honesty will always rule the day. This year will see great benevolent and idealistic deeds and various unusual changes; a time when broadmindedness and fairness will be supported. Although this year is one of great cynicism a sense of balance and tranquility will be upheld.

The year of the Boar: is one of benevolence, one with a lot of 'feel good factor', one of "abundance" and a good year for business. Life in this year will be lived to the full and although there will be uncertainty it will be minimal. It is a rich year with impetuous acts, but care is recommended with any matters concerning money. The Boar is the symbol for great courage and integrity.

Once again, Crit is greatly appreciated!
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666ROMMEL Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  New Deviant
jeana1 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2015
I may not be Chinese, but I'm 羊, the year of the Goat/Sheep; 1991.
ruide Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
im 牛!
SirIliadVanOvum Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
this is bullshit
Tori-In-Boots Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this is soo cool!
mind if i ask a question? can you translate? im almost positive this is chinese: [link] i just want to know what the whole thing says, just what it translates to, thank you
Sonicthehedgewolf Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i am of the ox.

hey is it okay if i use this in a culture project for school?
thegame680official Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
i am ox
Kakashi-Soma Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm the dog and that sounds like me oDo I also heard/read dogs are really out going :3

My bf is the sheep :D that sounds like him too! :D

I'm SO getting my zodiac tattooed!
bage20080000 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
To Chinese characters, the structure is correct, but the lack of flavor
bage20080000 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
Prosephone Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
i think Dragon is wrong
chinese dragon is (long)
nicjdorf Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010
i luv you ur work
cant you design a boar tattoo for me???
Felipe1317 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
nice... but i think this zodiac tattoos r frm japan and not from china..... i think.... but i will be wrong
Sherbearsz Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010
I am soooo getting a tattoo like one of these. I think Im the dragon. Im thinking a white/nude colour tattoo.
Tobiwolfie13 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for these! Hehe, I'm Tiger.
mastertobi Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010
I'm a Bull Yeah!!!
WildSpirit777 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
I'm Tiger on in japanese, Tora.
ValmontSlave Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2010   Photographer
Nice...Can you do the calligraphy for cat? I live with 3 cats and I love them as humanly possible.
Debb555 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2010
Gotta learn these in. I'm mainly studying japanese right now but I really love China too. I hate when people say they like Asia and just refer to Japan (which at least is what most people do around me here in Europe) poor idiots, they're forgetting a whole continent!
bluseptember Featured By Owner May 10, 2010
Go rat!
WoLfgIrLyS Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a dog 8D almost all in my family are dogs or roosters,my father is a goat and my grandma a dragon x)
rxr9923 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
My zodiac symbol is the rabbit
KatarinaTheCat Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My Chinese zodiac is dog. :D
Divaneddy Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009
hi! do you speak or write any thing of Chinese???
do you know someone who can?
please say something if you do.
xxDistortion Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2009
Sorry, but i do not speak or write chinese.
Any of my caligraphy peices have just been done with research, and I'm not sure of anyone else who could .
junghae Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
Koldie Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2009
My goodness. I could never write those characters as good as you did.
Beautiful strokes.
*has chicken feet handwriting*
Yay! I'm faving this, it will be helpful for my project. Thank-you.
SilenceInTheWind24 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2009
oo so cool!!!! of course MY symbol is like the hardest to draw....took me like 20 minutes to draw it on my ankle....
lol XD
A-shu Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
I am dog year 0v0
God-Loves-You-all Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
Horse!!! Daring! That's my inner me :D
r3d0ctober Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice work!! :) :+fav:
xxDistortion Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009
Thank you. And thanks for the :+fav: !
r3d0ctober Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
No problem~ :aww:
Estaire Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2009
hi there =D great job. I used the letterings in one of my works named 'Guardian'.

PS: U have a great gallery so much for u inspired me
xxDistortion Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Awh, Thank you !
LEPcommander Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
it look good
but there's a dot missing on the right part of Rooster
MOn1ca Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2008
Ouchyyy Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009  Student
silversanta Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008
.....if these are true,then I`ve been wearing the wrong sign for months.When I bought the pendant,it said "Year of the Horse" on,but here it says the sign I have is the sign for the rabbit.Omg......*dies*
daddybadboy Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2008
hiya m8 first of all i don't know all that much about chinese sinbols but as far as know ur goat means sheep/ram and ur dragon simbol is wrong but the good news is rat is good i only know this coz i have them tattoed and ive had them varified by a chinese person hope for ur sake its just something as simple as a different style or u will be responsible for ppl walkin about with dodgy chinese tattoos lol sorry about my bad spelling
xxDistortion Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
These were never meant to be used for the basis of someone else's tattoo's. By doing to you would be going against the copyright issues. This was for MY OWN practice.
Not for anyone to use with out my permission.
The only way someone will be walking around with the wrong sign is if they are ignorant enough to use them.
And I for fact do know that each symbol is correct, not to exact, but the basis is there.
flareblitz Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
NIIIIIIIIIIIICE. *Has always wanted a tattoo*

So cool! You used the traditional script! Sad that there isn't a trad. script for Dog...

By the way, I think that the character for Tiger is missing a horizontal stroke. It ought to look like this: 虎。 But I may be just ignorant of calligraphy... X3 It's very nicely done!

*Wants a tattoo*
Bohonchan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008
woah awesome!!
Hey can you read chinese then?
Can you read the thing i posted if you can! I cant figure out what it says
xxDistortion Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2008
No I cannot read chinese.
Even if I could, there are many different languages within the chinese culture to begin with.
These are simply popular zodiac writings.
Bohonchan Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2008
aww okay.
Thanks anyways :)
Kyui Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008
could these also be used just as a tattoo without using it as a zodiac sign?
xxDistortion Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008
I'm sorry.
I dont quite understand what your asking.
toivq Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2008
I'm the Rooster ~ :dance: but we Chinese say it as Phoenix ~
xxDistortion Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008
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